Set Up Your Jewelry Making Business

A jewelry making business is without a doubt something challenging, but if you have the necessary talent as well as skills and perseverance, you will definitely achieve your goal. In this article, we will show you how to actually set up your jewelry making business and be the best in your branch.

Pick the Right Name

With so much competition in this industry it is essential to have some jewelry business ideas. You must think of a name that stands out and that resonates with your clients and perfectly suits your brand philosophy. In case you have a business partner, then you could choose both of your names or initials. Go for something unique and easy to remember. Your business name must be catchy. If your only focus is metal stamping design, then an excellent idea would be to incorporate this into your name. On the other hand, if you specialize in necklaces, then make sure you use that to get the creative ideas going. Be 100% honest and decide how far you want to take your jewelry making business.

Choose a Logo

Not only choosing the name for your business is important but choosing the logo as well. The logo will tell your brand’s story as well as create your persona. There is a wide range of logos you can choose from such as illustrative or font. The illustrative ones include simple images such as diamond r any other gemstone, whereas the font ones include elegant calligraphy. No matter what you choose, try to create a synergy between the logo and your brand name. This will help you create a stronger and bigger brand story that can help your clients remember you easily. Choose the logo size and theme color wisely.


Setting up a business involves several legalities. In your case, you will need to consider tax obligations, you must make sure the metals you are going to work with are correctly hallmarked, and you also need to register. Registering the business involves annual turnover in terms of VAT, and your sales & expenses records. Do the necessary research in order to not miss any important detail.

Other Useful Tips

There are also other important details that you must take into account when starting your jewelry making business. Do you want to rent a place and operate from there or do you want to work from home? Are you planning to build a website? Answer to these questions and make a good plan. It is important to know that every step is important and you need to consider every detail in order to set up correctly your business. Furthermore, you must have the necessary skills and experience for this field, if you really want to stand out from the crowd and be successful. It is highly recommended that once you make the decision, you study and know exactly what your competition is. Coming up with something new, unique, and high-quality will definitely help you attract a high number of clients.

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